Reactor is a special type of commonly used in the chemical industry. Reactors produced in Atilim Makina are systems in whichvarious liquid or solid rawmaterials(alkyd,polyester, PVA, etc.) are mixed with special mixer blades which are loaded in different stages of the reaction especially in the chemical sector. It is a system which allows the mixture to react under the pressure or vacuum homogeneously at the determined temperatures, subject to heating or cooling if desired.

Reactor Units are produced between 1-50 m^3 capacities depending on the intended use and location, depending on the customers request. Atiim Makina is a company that has adopted to work as a solution partner of not only a manufacturer and a seller but also every customer by continuing to meet the demands and requirements of its customers after sales with its fast service.

They are used in all of kinds of businesses which are working with medicines, paints and varnishes, food and beverages petrochemicals, polymers and chemicals.

Reactors can be named according to the type of reactor they are using. Alkyd reactor, p.v.a reactor, plastifian reactor etc.

  • Design and manufacture according to international standards
  • High quality and long life guarantee
  • AISI 304, 316, 316L quality and certified stainless steel material
  • Jakets or half-pipe cails on the outside body, heating and cooling with coiled coil on the inside
  • -1,6 bar pressure and 300^C temperature resistance
  • Precise weighing with loadcell
  • Sealing with soft seal or mechanical seal
  • Gear unit drive IP56 (Exproof) motor
  • Product-specific mixing blades, wave breaking
  • Design and manufacture according to international standards
  • High quality and long life guarantee
  • AISI 304, 316, 316L quality and certified stainless steel material
  • 1-5 m3 capacity
  • Outside body is made of jacket or half pipe coil, inner tube coil coil and heating and cooling
  • 0-16 barpressure and 0-300 ^C temperature resistance
  • Mixing wings specially designed for the product
  • Ex-proof applications in hazardous areas
  • Speed control option with load cell
  • Mecanical or soft seal

Atılım Makine serves customers with durable, long life, reliable tank and pressure boiler manufacturing. Manufactured in accordance with the norms required in accordance with the needs.

We design specially designed cooling and heating systems in raw material stock tanks and circulation systems which provide homogeneous mixture of chemicals in a modern way. We manufacture the stock tanks in many capacities according to the volume required and we insulate them according to the customer's request.

Our products that have been proven themselves are manufactured with services that are self-sacrificing after the sale. Tanks and silos are assembled in place of production, start-up and delivery, such as every stage of modern project management is realized with the understanding. These productions can be horizontal and vertical storage tanks with different specifications according to customer demands and usage and different specifications of carbon steel, stainless steel. Prosess high pressure resistant tanks are manufactured and tanks of different capacities and specifications are manufactured according to customer requirements.

We manufacture our tanks in vertical, horizantal, and stainless steel materials of various sizes, volumes and qualities in accordance with international standards and compatible with all hygiene process in high quality. In our plant, storage tanks, process tanks, stainless steel broilers, tank solutions are produced for many sectors espacially pharmaceutical, food, chemical companies.

Before stock tanks are manufactured:

  • Operating temperature and pressure
  • Tank Dimensions
  • Material properties
  • Dished head type
  • Pipe connection port dimensions and pressure class
  • Climate conditions
  • Design conditions must be determined. Our tank manufacturing capacity can be up to 100.000 liter capacity with 5 liter capacity.

  • Possibility to manufacture in special design, shape and structure according to your location
  • Production according to liquid, dry, vertical or horizontal type products
  • Manufacture with stainless steel or special alloy products
  • According to the requirements whether single-sided or jacketed type manufacturing
  • The auxiliary equipment needed for the process is tubing, platform, ladder and so on As Atılım Makine, it is done with care

The properties of the 1 m3 mobile winch we manufacture are as follows:

  • Quantity 1 pcs
  • Boiler Capacity: 1000lt
  • Boiler Diameter: 1150 mm
  • Boiler Height 1000mm Wheel 3 pieces staple type polyamid
  • Material Qualityz AISI 304
  • Vans at the exit of mobile boilers are in the offer

Autoclave technical information that we have won 18 m3 manufacturing

Capacity 18 m3
Material AISI304
Diameter 2300 mm
Height 4000 mm (without camber camber A)
Body Thickness 24 mm
Bomber thickness 25 mm
Working pressure 20 bar
Sealing mechanical seal
Gear Motor 22 kW - 80 d / d - ex-proof
External Coil 20 places