Scrubber systems are equipment used to remove and neutralize some particulates or gases from industrial systems or wastewater treatment plants from the environment. Often the term "scrubber" refers to the destruction of undesirable contents by the use of liquids in the stream of gas. The stock tanks used in the facilities are connected to the scrubber tank where the harmful and odor-emitting gases coming from the tanks are washed by the pressure pump through the pressure pump and the harmful gases are made odorless and ineffective.

Scrubbers have become a basic equipment for controlling acidic, basic gases and gaseous emissions. There are various methods for disposing and neutralizing toxic or corrosive compounds from waste gas. We, as ATILIM MACHINE, manufacture scrubber systems successfully.

We design and manufacture mixer machine blades or blades used for mixing many chemicals with respect to low and high viscosity blends. To be efficient, the mixer blade-barrel diameter must be 1/3 of the diameter of the boiler. The blades and blades that we have designed accordingly provide vertex effectively during mixing, ensuring that the mixture is homogeneous. Thanks to the special design of the blades and rims of the mixer machines, the mixture provides up and down movements and the mixture is dispersed without heating.

In the production of mixer-mixer disperser blade-barrel, diameter is Ø 40- Ø 500 between 2mm-4mm, we produce stainless steel material AISI 304, we have blade and propeller production according to demanding and student with AISI 316 material and bigger diameters. According to the customer request we can adjust the blades and propeller holes to the desired size.

You will receive for our valued customers the second of the mixer blades and blades of any size will be given as a gift from our company.

Our company is able to manufacture the bottom valves with crusher type valve up to DN25-DN150 dimensions manually and pneumatically without using 304 or 316 stainless material. Many pharmaceutical and chemical industries are using the crusher type dip valves successfully against frost and solidification possibilities according to the production to be made.

We manufacture the lid-tightening apparatus necessary to close the lids of the tin paint boxes. At the same time we manufacture the barrel lid at the clamping apparatus. Only the lid can be used as a continuous line in the form of a filling machine on the extruder or conveyor system and later as a lid tightening device. The cover can be pneumatically operated according to manual or student squeezing.

Rashing rings made of stainless steel are used for many purposes. Our company can produce rushing rings in stainless steel by means of ready-made molds in many sizes. Rashing rings increase the contact surface of the gas in the cooling towers in the heat exchange cooling columns and prevent filtration of the solid materials. The pressure applied by the rashing rings helps separate one of the two fluids.

A cylindrical column or column in which heat transfer takes place Solid form tower fillings, ie rashing rings, are used. Is spread over the rashing fillings with the aid of a liquid dispenser and wet the surface of rashing fillings properly in an ideal process. The rich gas flows under the rashing fill in the cavity and flows upwards through the slit in the opposite direction of the flow of liquid. Rashing Fillers provide a larger area between fluid and gas and a closer contact between phases.

The dissolved gas in the rich gas is absorbed by the fresh liquid entering the tower and the diluted gas is separated from the top. The liquid is enriched from the dissolving angle as it flows down from the bottom of the bowl. The concentrated liquid flows out of the bottom of the bowl through the liquid outlet. Several types of paddle towers have been found and some types are common use. The Rashing Filled Rule is divided into wholesale (randomly poured) and stacked (hand-filled) types. Spills are made up of ¼ inch 2-inch units in larger sizes and are used more often in smaller columns.