In the processing of low and semi-viscous products, especialy products with low and medium viscosity such as paint, varnish, pigment paste, ink and cosmetics are widely used in areas where wet grinding and crushing is required. The role of the grinding beads in the grinding basket is great in this machine, where the dispersion and crusher work together. It saves time and material by performing both dispersion and crushing with a single machine. It is an effective machine type in which the solid particle size is reduced in the liquid to the minimum rate.

The grinding basket with superior wet grinding feature, it is designed to ensure that the product is crushed at high speed and that the product circulation passes through the basket intensively. High efficiency products switch, which is located under the grinding basket and has a contribution to dispersion, with a working impeller like a pump, it has the capability of effectively completing its operation in a short time. In the grinding basket reservoir, the heat control is effectively provided by cooling the broiler wall if necessary. All wet surfaces are made of stainless steel. The cleaning of the grinding basket and grinding beads, which is another important element, is carried out very easily by operating the product in the solvent.

Engine Power 2,2 Kw 4 Kw 15 Kw 22 Kw 30 Kw 37 Kw 55 Kw 75 Kw
Grinding Basket Volume 0,18 lt 2,1 lt 10 lt 16 lt 20 lt 30 lt 55 lt 97 lt
Suggested Filling Volume 80% 0,14 lt 1,7 lt 8 lt 13 lt 16 lt 24 lt
Suggested Filling Volume 75% 0,13 lt 1,6 lt 7,5 lt 12 lt 15 lt 22,5 lt 41,3 lt 72,5 lt
Suggested Filling Volume 70% 0,12 lt 1,5 lt 7 lt 11 lt 14 lt 21 lt 38,5 lt 68 lt

Slowly lower the grinding basket while using a low-viscosity product. The product leaking from the grinding basket is provided with grinding medium suction during milling and is spindle. The product level must reach the minimum fill level in the broiler when the basketmill is started . Do not allow the machine to run before reaching the maximum ammount

Do not let the dry dribbles dry out. Check that the grinding hopper is completely covered with product and ensure the safety of the grinding basket. If the grinding basket is dry, its surfaces will be completely heated and a dangerous ignition may result.

Mixer Machines are hight-speed mixers and shreders designed for pre-dispersion / dispersion processes in all kinds of mixing and solids in a wide range of viscosities. It is ensured that liquid products and powders are mixed homogeneously. Mixers can be manufactured with 50-1000 liters of mobile boiler, over 1000 liters fixed boiler. Depending on the demand, pneumatic system can be mixed at different levels by applying moving lid.

The mixers are also designed for the mixing of non-foaming products at high speed (50-1500 rpm). The speed setting in the paint mixers can be adjusted using the inverter.

Model Engine Power (hp) Blade Speed (rpm) Blade Diameter (mm) Broiler Kapacity (lt)
ATM 15 15-20 0-1400 250-280 600-800
ATM 22 22-30 0-1200 280-300 800-1200
ATM 30 30-40 0-1100 320-350 1200-1500
ATM 37 37-50 0-1000 350-450 1500-2000
ATM 45 45-61 0-900 450-500 2000-2400
ATM 75 75-102 0-800 600-660 3500-5000

It is multi-purpose mixer designed for various mixing processes of pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and similar sectors. Sizes and strengths may vary according to the characteristics of the product to be mixed.

Model Engine Power (hp) Dispers Blade Speed (rpm) Mixer Blade Speed (rpm) Dispers Blade Diameter (mm) Mixer Blade Diameter (mm) Broiler Kapacity (lt)
H-35 33 0-230 400-500-600 300
H-50/B 49 0-220 500-600-700 500
H-60/B 60 0-170 600-700-800 650
H-100/B 102 0-135 1150 1000
H-40/II 40 0-1400 0-125 285 850 780
H-50/II 50 0-1400 0-125 285 850 780
H-60/II 60 0-1400 0-125 285 850 780
H-100/II 100 0-1400 0-150 330 1180 1250
H-125/II 136 0-1400 0-150 390 1280 1500
  • Design and manufacture according to international standards
  • AISI 304, 316-316L quality certified stainless steel material
  • Ex-proof protection feature
  • Depending on the viscosity and quantity to be filled, volumetric or load cell filling option
  • Volumetric filling machines 250 cc - 5,000 cc capacity
  • Load cell filling machines 0 kg - 30 kg capacity
  • Automatic door closing unit option
  • Movable and fixed conveyor options
  • Air pressure should be minimum 6 bars
  • The nozzle measures that can be used are ø10, ø20, ø34
  • Lower tray is adjusted according to empty box (With the shaft on the right side)
  • Weighing adjustment according to the container to be filled mechanically (0-16kg)
  • The weight setting is achieved by placing the spring arm behind the machine up or down.
  • Place the pre-prepared container under the desired weight of the nozzle
    The plus / minus tolerance is the plus or minus direction translated. In this way, the standard weight is set and the left button is pressed together (Both in terms of security Button is pressed).
  • Filling the container for the lid closure operation:
          -Arrange, put a cover on them. Couple to cover the lid
          -If desired, the empty box feeding tray can be set to the head
  • The paint reservoir must always be full. This operation is carried out on the floater provides.
  • Conveyor can be added if desired.
  • Printing plate diametere: 920mm.
  • Hydraulic strke length: 1000mm.(Maximum)
  • Dosage Capacity: 4kg. -20kg. Steady infinite capacity with setting up ma.
  • Operating principle: The broiler has been fixed, the hydraulic pressure is moved downwards to allow the discharge of the product. All necessary equipments and equipments in accordance with these working principles shall be found in the machine. There are electric panels on the machine.

As ATILIM MACHINE we have instolled mony painting facilities in the country and abroad. Our compony manager, Mr. Șakir, experi- enced and guided the development of point plant machinery over the yeors. It has olways been our priority to provide turnkey solutions without socrificing quality for water and solvent bosed points ot the desired copocity.

Our company has developed a mobile boiler washing system in accordance with researches and incoming customer requests. In the old methods, there was too much time and power loss as well as solvent loss at the some time. Because the clean solvent is used for a while and the dirty solvents ore stored in the barrels, which creates the waste matter problem. For this purpose; Our boiler flushing system has been engineered to wash more quickly and safely, which is used in the paint sector. In addition, this system prevents solvent consumption by recycling the solvent used in boiler washing.

Working system; The pressure of the pump is 20 bar, this is 1.5m3 / h. At the time of washing, there is 4-5 bar pressure at the ends of the fountain. The spray moves up and down to perform the washing process. After the dirty solvent washing process is completed, the filter is pressed. ,The dirty solvent returns to the boat as it cleans after passing through the filter. With this type of circulating solvent, it is possible to remove a large amount of dirty boiler. Thus, solvent loss is reduced to a minimum.

Safety is very important in solvented working environment. For this reason, the grilles on the boat are covered with a braided hose so that the boiler is prevented from sparking by falling on the boat in any case. The boiler capture and release system is operated by the double start button to avoid any false operation. Thus, when the win is suspended, the enemy is prevented from falling.

ATM-HM1 Horizontal Single Shaft Mixers are based on the principle of mechanical fluidisation(Mixing) of the product. The particular shape, position and rotation speed of the mixing tools, creates a centrifugal vortex motion which allows three-dimensional way mixing and to merge with each other.

This ensures that ingredients with different particle size and bulk density are perfectly blended and mixed with high precision within the shortest possible time. Mixers are used for mixing dry powders, granules or short fibres, for moistening, agglomerating or granulating the same materials, or for mixing liquids or low viscosity pastes.

ATM-HM1 Horizontal Single Shaft Mixers consist of a mixing drum vessel with an inlet, an outlet with discharge valve and a venting spout, a full material mixing shaft, platform, one drum closing end plates that carry flanged end bearing assemblies complete with integrated air or gas-purged shaft seals, and a drive unit complete with power transmission.

Mixer Type Capacity Mixing Blade Drive Power Safey Shaft Rotation Speed (RPM)
ATM-HM11 1 m³ Single Shaft with Scrubber or pedal 7-11kW IP54 or IP65 0-90 RPM
ATM-HM12 2 m³ Single Shaft with Scrubber or pedal 11-22Kw IP54 or IP65 0-90 RPM
ATM-HM13 3 m³ Single Shaft with Scrubber or pedal 22-37kW IP54 or IP65 0-90 RPM
ATM-HM14 4 m³ Single Shaft with Scrubber or pedal 37-45Kw IP54 or IP65 0-90 RPM
ATM-HM15 5 m³ Single Shaft with Scrubber or pedal 45-90kW IP54 or IP65 0-90 RPM